Rider can start with the arrow on his bowstring.


Each target hit by an arrow gives 5 points.


Every second exceeding the time limit adds a penalty time.


Bonus time charged if an arrow hits at least one target and at least one cone cut down, or a ring removed.


A rider cannot turn a horse on the track before green flags, otherwise the result of his attempt will be reset.


There is also a special system of Kassai, which is now allocated to a separate movement, which has official shcools in several countries. They hold competitions according to their own rules. By the way, the route, now known as "Hungarian", was originally invented by talented horseback archer Lajos Kassai, and its first name is "Kassai".

Previously, the Federation held competitions only on Korean routes. And there was the only tournament - the world championship - in which the strongest rider of the East and West was selected. But now the WHAF has adopted a new set of rules to unify the system so that it is convenient for all athletes around the world. You can find more information on the official site

On the official site of IHAA (International Horseback Archery Alliance) - - you can find accurate description of most known horseback archery routes, even variations of the well-known routes from the different countries.

There you can find the new Postal Matches routes and schemes too for the every month sertification.


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