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Maya Dinova

President of the Federation





The Federation of the Horseback Archery of Russia (FHAR) registered in Russia on May 5, 2017. In February 2017, it became a member of the IHAA - International Horseback Archery Alliance, whose President is now Alan Le Gall. On June 30, 2017, the FHAR became part of the WHAF, the World Horseback Archery Federation, headquartered in South Korea with the President Youngsup Kim. The President of the FHAR since its foundation is Sergey Odinokov.

The idea of creating a Federation and the develop this traditional sport appeared after the inclusion of the discipline "Horseback archery" in the international competitions in Dzhigitovka in the part "Possession of weapons" at the suggestion of foreign athletes in 2016. Before that, horseback archery was developed by reenactors and stuntmen of Russia not centrally.

The first Championship of Russia held in September 2017 in Serpukhov in HSC "Pegasus". There are 25 horseback archers qualified for the competition. The first Champion of Russia became Sergey Odinokov.

In July 2019, there held the first International horseback archery tournament "St. George's the Victorious Cup" which brought together 32 participants from 18 countries. The winner of the Cup was Christoph Nemethy (Hungary).

Now the Federation has more than 50 riders in all parts of Russia - from St. Petersburg to Tyva, from Bashkiria to Stavropol. More than 15 horseback archers internationally ranked by IHAA standards as professional athletes in the discipline.

The IHAA classification divided into a grading of beginners: S1-S6 (student), and advanced horseback archers: HA1-HA8 (horseback archer). The athlete's grading depends on the speed and accuracy of his shots during the official distances - "Korean" and "Hungarian" routes during the IHAA certified competitions and "Postal matches" that take place every month. The athlete must confirm his grading twice for it to be count. The grading is valid for two years, after which the result of the athlete "burns". The FHAR is part of a small number of world federations that have the right to certify athletes according to IHAA grading.

There are several varieties of "official" horseback archery routes: Korean, Hungarian and Polish. As well as a variety of variations of routes offered at competitions by different countries and federations, for example: Qabaq, Cossack Style, Persian Style, Aussi Style and others. You can found descriptions of routes on the official website of the IHAA, the official website of the FHAR, as well as in the "Regulations for competitions" of the different competitions.

There were more than 20 horseback archery competitions annually under the auspices of the FHAR across the country. Members of FHAR travel almost monthly to international reviews and competitions around the world, as well as attend training camps to upgrade skills with the world's leading horseback archers.

Now, members of FHAR have repeatedly participated in international competitions in South Korea, Mongolia, Hungary, France, Poland, Jordan, Iran and other countries.

There are three Russian Championships have already been held in our country, the results of which changed the leaders of horseback archery in the country. Now the Champion of Russia is Pavel Polyakov. He also holds the title of Vice President of the Federation.

Training in horseback archery is held in more than 30 equestrian clubs in Russia. More than 50 horses across the country are trained for the sport and number are constantly growing. The base of coaches is constantly expanding too, replenished with athletes from the pedestals of national and international competitions in horseback archery. It makes it possible to expand the number of members of the FHAR and train more and more beginners.

There are no restrictions on gender, age or other criteria.

(Press release is actual for April 2020)

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